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Fundraising Tips and Resources

Spirit Corner has partnered with to help groups reach their fundraising goals! has helped over 11,000 groups raise over $70 million since 1991. Let Spirit Corner and help you organize your next fundraiser!

Below, you will find tips, tricks and techniques to help you and your group have a well structured, successful and enjoyable fundraising campaign.


Determining Your Unique Fundraising Needs

    1. How much money does your group need to raise?
    2. When are you planning on starting your fundraiser?
    3. When do you need your funds?
    4. How many participants do you think will be involved in the fundraiser?
    5. Do you have a volunteer base to help organize and run the fundraiser?
    6. How important is the ease of administration?
    7. How would you rate the success of your previous fundraiser?


In this step determine which type of fundraiser to use. There are several different types of fundraisers, including fundraiser events such as auctions, and fundraising products like candy or magazine sales. When deciding on which fundraiser is right for your group, refer back to the Fundraising Checklist, then discuss with your committee which programs appeal to them most and why.

You can increase your fundraising results by utilizing a combination of fundraising products. You can also combine products with an event, such as a car wash fundraiser, a raffle or a spaghetti dinner. These are a lot of fun, and can help raise a lot of cash as well. For instance, at your car wash or spaghetti dinner, you can also sell brand name candy bars. When people are purchasing tickets to your event, you can ask: "Would you like a chocolate bar with that?"

    Scratch Cards

Scratch Cards provide the highest level of profit with the least amount of administration work on the part of the campaign organizer. They are easy to sell and supporters get valuable brand name coupons for their contribution. For example, a group of 100 motivated members can easily net $9000 in 15 days!


Magazines are easy to sell because everyone reads magazines! And with the large variety of magazine titles offered, your supporters will be glad to subscribe to their favorite magazines while helping your group earn high profits. In addition, our magazine program works in three different ways, so that you can reach the maximum number of supporters across the United States, quickly and easily!

The online magazine fundraiser is one fundraiser you can do all year long, 24 hours a day. This online program will help you raise more profits with less effort. Individual Accounts per team member can be set up and be used for personal expenses such as camp and individual team expenses.


Chocolate campaigns offer products with high brand recognition. This makes the products very easy to sell. They have proven to be very successful for many years and make for a fun campaign!

    Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough Fund Raisers featuring Paula Deen are the best way to raise money with brand recognition and a yummy product. Who doesn't need cookies?


Set an objective: The objective you set for your group should include a financial figure, as well as a tangible element. For example, a group must raise $2,000 to pay for new band equipment, as well as travelling costs to the Annual Band Competition.

  1. Set a deadline: Your campaign should run a maximum length of 1-2 weeks. Keeping the campaign short will keep your participants motivated and on track.
  2. Know your group: Knowing how many of your group members will be participating in the fundraiser is important, since it will help you organize a selling strategy. This will help determine which geographic area to be covered by the participants, as well as the best time to solicit donations.
  3. Motivate your group: It is important to maintain close and constant contact with your group members, and to motivate and encourage them constantly. Being a positive role model for the group is also important, not only in terms of how much money you raise, but also in terms of how much time and effort you put into your fundraiser to make it a success.


  1. Delivery: Once you have placed your order, allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
  2. Money collection: Members should collect money when they take the order. Also, it is easier for the campaign organizer to collect ONE check from each participant for the entire sum of money collected, rather than several checks.
  3. Tallying and packing orders: It is a good idea to solicit volunteers in advance to help with these tasks. Appoint a chairperson to oversee and coordinate these activities. The chairperson and each participant should ALWAYS check and double-check orders for errors.


Not all fundraising campaigns need additional incentives to motivate the participants. If a baseball team needs to raise $75 per player to be able to participate in a tournament, the incentive is already there. With many campaigns, however, this is not the case. The following are some additional ideas intended to help motivate your participants.

  1. Individual completion prizes: Everyone who sells a pre-determined minimum amount receives a cash prize, movie tickets, or any other prize available.
  2. Best-seller prizes: Offer a prize to the individual who raises the most money, or sells the most units.
  3. Draw prizes: Every participant who sells a pre-determined minimum amount is entered into a drawing for cash prizes or other merchandise.
  4. Intangible prizes: These are often the most effective for the participants, and as a result, create the most incentive. For example, have your coaches agree to coach a game in a silly costume! Being creative in this aspect is important, and can help make your fundraiser a true success.


    Approaching a potential supporter:

The manner in which a potential donor is approached may determine whether or not a donation will be made. Try this simple but effective approach:

"Hello, my name is ____________, and I'm raising money for ___________. Would you like to support our group by purchasing ___________? Thank you for your generosity, and have a nice day."

    Key things to remember:

List as many potential donors as you can before you begin approaching people for support. Start with family and friends, and then proceed to your neighbors and other people whom you feel would be interested in your cause.

Know why your group is holding the fundraiser, and communicate this to potential donors. For example: "Our group is raising money in order to finance our trip to the annual tournament."

Smile, be polite and most importantly, be enthusiastic about your cause.

If possible, always carry your fundraising products with you.

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